Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday

Good morning!

This weekend was good, what with making a cake on Saturday, then having a fun time playing Mario on the Wii with my good friend Meredith Tucker and her fiance, Phil Smith.  Afterward, I went to Bill's Off Broadway and had a drink with my friend Logan.  We talked for quite a while, noticed it was after midnight and decided it was about time to be on our ways. 

Sunday I drove down to Seattle to hang out with Meredith at a craft show, and also to pick up her surplus dresser.  We went to Curious Crafts at the Cafe Venus and the Mars Bar, where I basically sketched, wrote and doodled while Mere was figuring formulas for perfumey things and Phil was reading a book on Abstract Algebra... For fun!  All the while, Meredith's perfume was waiting for people to sniff it.  The show was small and did not have a very good turn out; apparently they either do really well, or no one comes.  After the show, I went home, had Jeff (my boyfriend of forever) help me unload aforementioned dresser.  Nothing exciting, but now I have a dresser!!  Yay!  And it smells nice!

Sunday afternoon was spent editing photos, and watching The Invention of Lying.  It was funny, cute and has some interesting cameo appearances.  Jeff couldn't get past the logical part until the lying began. :) 

I will be updating my two recipe posts with pictures tonight, so watch out!