Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jewelry Photo Shoot -

Earlier this week I decided that I needed to do some nice, put-together looking, crisp photos for both the old and new jewelry 'stock' that I have lying around here.  Some things don't sell because either their pictures aren't appealing, the product doesn't look right in them, or the color is off, angle is wrong.. Whatever the reason, these things aren't selling!  (or maybe people just don't want them, who knows!)  

So, here are some 'behind the scenes' photos (done with my crappy-in-comparison point and shoot camera) of my setup, which is 'rented' from my boyfriend's dad, who is a photographer.  (Check out his website:  Photo Essence by Melchor E. Berona)  I do this a couple of times a year and he happily obliges, helping me with questions, and overall just being an awesome photographer dude.

set up 3
So, yes, this is a crappy photo, because the big flash to the left is one of the lights and it 'saw' the flash from my camera and decided to go off. :)
That one is a slightly better one which shows how I was set up for taking photos of earrings.

But first, here is one of the first photos I took. It is a little rock pile that I put together for light testing purposes.
rocks,pebbles,stones,zen,feng shui

And here are some of the shots that I took:


I will be adding the new items to Etsy as times goes on, and as I get all the hundreds of photographs I took edited. Which could take a week, what with work and school. I welcome that challenge, and will try to post/list them as they get done.

What do you think about my photographs?