Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Proactive In My Business

Let's start by saying: Thank you, Miss K for Tweeting about White Hot Truth.  Super informative and extremely fun to read, plus she speaks the truth (white hot - see painful, scorching, pheonix) but in a funny, easy to take way.  Kind of like how Tylenol makes Sinus Relief caplets, with minty coating? 

This year I will make more stuff, more often and list things.  I will take more pictures and post more.  In other words, I will cultivate all my passion for beautiful, quality accessories into a flourishing business.

I would love to create more custom jewelry for people.  Making something to the exact specifications of my clients is my deepest desire.  I want to make jewelry which will be uniquely you and also is affordable.  I want you to own your jewelry for a long time, and if something happens, you can call or email me!  When you see the custom work I have made for you, and I see the smile in your eyes and on your lips and in your heart, I get a lovely, warm fuzzy feeling.  It is so amazing.

I will opt to wear more jewelry more often, instead of going without.  I often shock people when I say I make jewelry because most often, I am simply not wearing any!  The best way to advertise your business is to wear your most exceptional pieces, and always carry business cards.  I will be doing this more often this year.

So, readers, what would you like to hear about?  Do you want to see pictures of my messy process?  Read my recipes?  Hear my tips and hints on make-up and shopping?  Let me know!  I shall listen!