Friday, January 29, 2010

New Goodies!

I just got some new goodies this week, and I will post them here.  I will have pics soon, after I do a look and take pics of all the other good stuff I got this week.  :)
Starting alphabetically:

1.  Aromaleigh: 

  • Aromaleigh Angels Full Sizes:  Rhinestone Housewife, Anastasia, Absinthe Rock
  • Aromaleigh Angels Samples: Blue Skies (From now on) , Laura, Caitlin's Purple Poof, Phaedra, Loretha, Erynne, Suzanne MarieRose,  littleflower, Orion, and Robyn's Nest.
  • Sample Set of the Twilight Powders
  • Free Samples: Hi-Fi Mattes:  ankle biter,  in the mix, supermurgatroid.  

2.  Detrivoire Cosmetics:

  • Free Sample:  Gorgon
  • Eye Shadow Primer

4.  Haus of Gloi:
  • Sugar Scrub Samples:  Elevenses, Twice is Nice, and Depravity.
  • Free Sample:  Glogg.
3.  HauteLook Sale:  Urban Decay
  • Lingerie and Galoshes
  • Brow Beater Brunette Bombshell 
  • Big Buddha Brush  (HOLY COW!  This is really a huge freaking brush!)

I ordered some more things and sent lots of Aries samples off to people this week.  Thanks everyone!

Also, if you are interested in Lingerie and Galoshes, let me know... I think I have more than I will ever need!  :)  carolyn  (dot)  buss  (at)   gmail   (dot)  com

Keep checking back for photos.  Hopefully will get them tonight.