Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Items with New Product Photos

Hello!  It's been a few days, I know.  You missed me.  :P

I have some new listings up, including Twilight inspired earrings, Topaz Triple Drop Earrings.  Inspired, of course, by the characteristic trait of 'vegetarian' vampires.  (If you are wondering, yes, I read ALL the books, NO I do NOT love EdwardOMGOMGOMG.  I made these for a specific purpose, and person, then other people seemed to like them, too, so I went with it!  I also have a rugged Jacob necklacev($18), Love Triangle ($48.75)  sterling silver bracelet with sterling wolf charm, Swarovski crystal heart, and glass apple, and a Forbidden Fruit ($22) necklace with a big glass apple on silver plated chain with Swarovski crystals.)  

Next up are some sweet, simple and attractive little quail-stamped sterling silver disk earrings.  They have handmade ear wires and handmade jump rings, too.  This particular listing is for the earrings stamped with a little Quail on each one.  If the quail isn't quite your style, then you can choose a dinosaur, or I have letter and number stamps, too.  Here is a picture:

That is it for the moment.  Now I am off to do some more photo editing, listing, and maybe writing up a make-up post.  Finally!  A make-up post to look forward to!