Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shoe Frenzy!

You may not know, but I do love me some shoes.  Oh, yes, indeed I do.  Here are a few of my most recent catches.  

I bought two pairs of shoes from, which is kind of like, at least in the way that they sort and search, and the pictures.  I was inspired by Miss K's shoelust on Tumblr and was looking for cute shoes that I liked, and fit my specific needs/wants.  

I found a pair of Killah brand flats with a tweed/houndstooth design over a red polkadot.  Which I didn't realize at first, but I think it's really cute!!

Next are my own pictures.

These are just so cute.  The inside is metallic red, and the little cameo thing is a clip on, which I can't wear (yet) because it rubs my toes.  The shoes have cute ruching, red suede on the heel and red patent trim.  Super cute.  The only thing I do not like is that the bottom of the shoe has NO traction, whatsoever.  AT ALL.  Ok people, I live in Washington (the state), very near Seattle.  In case you live somewhere without stereotypes, you know that I see quite a lot of rain.  And rain means slippery.  Traction is a must.  Anyway.  I am just sad I have to mar the cute design on the bottom, but I must do what I must do.

Next up is the super cute grey pump.  This heel is less than 2 inches, which is to say it is the perfect height for me.  I am short and plump with knees that sometimes get very mad at me sometimes, so high high heels are simply out.  Not to mention my center of gravity is pretty low, and if I wear heels too high, that just messes everything up.  Anyway.  Onto the cute pictures!  

 No flash.
 With flash.

And yes, I did partially get them because they have a sexy pink leopard print on the inside.  My boyfriend said "I don't know if I like them.  The color is sort of old-lady-ish."  I promptly reminded him grey is a neutral and that he doesn't know what he is talking about.  I happen to think they are cute, and they were an amazing price. So there!! 

The final pair was the least expensive of all of them.  I paid $13.13!!!! They were on clearance at Sears, I was meeting my Dad so we could get me some new glasses.  Anywho.  They are an amazingly perfect pair of pumps/heels, with black and white tweed, black patent details and a hematite-color button.  They are perfection.  Also, they are about 2" tall, so are again the perfect height.  Anything high and I can't bend my ankles.  

So, what do you think of my new shoes?  Thus far I have worn (out of the house) the black/tweed pumps.