Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super New Jewelry!!

I LOVE stamping.  It is so very very fun!!  I also have a love for quails, and cute little dinos.  Also, I have always felt the Ohm symbol is beautiful and has wonderful meaning.  

Thank you to my friend Miss Tat at Closed Eye Typing blog for the amazing Rawr!! idea.  

I have been wearing the ring with the quails all in a row (it says "Wark!!" inside the band) all weekend and have gotten compliments and questions about it.  My boyfriend is a Final Fantasy 7 geek, and I thought in my Friday caffeinated insanity that the quail could kind of look like a chocobo from the game(s).  They say "Wark!!"  in the game, and my boyfriend does the most awesome impersonation.    This is what an artistic rendering of a chocobo looks like.  Yes, the stamp is a quail, not a chocobo, but I was using my imagination.  :D  

The Rawr!! pendant is up for sale on my Etsy site.  I have plans to make rings with stamped initials/letters, dinos, quail, owls, Ohm, and skull and crossbones, too.   (And any other stamps I get in the future!)

Please feel free to convo me on Etsy if you are interested in custom orders.  Or you could email me:  carolyn {dot} buss {at} gmail {dot} com .