Monday, March 22, 2010

Daffodils and Dark Desires

Here is a little nugget of joy that was my day today.  Beautiful blue sky and amazing, fresh daffodils.  I spent some time at a friend's house today in her studio, making some jewelry.

Here are some pictures of my OrigamiStar! Earrings.

This one is representative of the zodiac sign Leo.  Click here for my Etsy Listing!

Here is Mac, the studio cat.  They really just call her cat... So, I do, too.  She wasn't sure why the screen was closed... However, I KNOW she wanted to look at the little studio birds.  No pics of them, sorry!

Here is another pair of OrigamiStars! Earrings, in Yellow and Green, celebrating spring with the colors of the daffodils!

This pair has large pink iridescent stars, with two pink-and-white stars that have tiny glow-in-the-dark stars on the paper, and then to top it off are some cute and teeny tiny green stars.  So cute!

Here are two pairs peeking out from under the lovely flowers.  :)

And here is my stash of stars!  I have a friend who is ALWAYS making these, so I bought some from her.

That was my day!  Well, I made a couple other things, but they didn't get photographed yet.

What do you think of my little origami stars?