Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Handmade Ring Display!

First things first:  I must thank my good friend Mary Pat who helped me make this possible!  She pretty much came up with the idea and then we executed it together.  Thanks Mary Pat!  I needed a quick, easy, beautiful and CHEAP alternative to the horrible way my rings were being displayed previously.  I had no idea this project would take such little time.

Here it is!  Total cost to make this was about $18.  I could have saved some money if I had shopped around, but I didn't know the non-JoAnn Fabric store was have a big sale, but oh well!  It probably took about 2-3 hours to do, but we were sort of watching a movie

I used all fabric from the remnants bin at JoAnn Fabrics, then found a sheet of 1 inch high density foam about 30 inches long (or so) by about 10 inches.  This was not enough foam, but I think it was all they had, so I had to run out to get some more today at a different store.

The silky fabric is sort of tan with purple brocade ($4) and the green fabric ($2) is cotton.  I stretched the cotton sort of like you would with canvas for painting.  The frame of this is a cork board, which was only $3.99.  It's 11"x17" and had a "The Board Dudes" logo on it that I wanted to cover.  To put it all together I used a staple gun with 1/4" staples.

Shockingly, no one got hurt during this project and we only messed up once.

If enough people want to know how to make one of these, I can post instructions.  :)  Thanks for looking!

<3 Carolyn