Friday, June 25, 2010

FOYD: Victoria's Revenge Look

Here is my look from last week using Aromaleigh's Limited Edition Collection: Victoria's Revenge.  They are going very quickly and some shades are already sold out, so get the ones you need right now!! Go!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evil Shades Lippie Swatches

Well hello, lovers of make-up!!  

Today I have for your some swatches of lip products that I bought from Evil Shades.  (I bought them, they were not provided to me, except for Zicke which was a free sample.)

My order contained more than just lip stuffs, but I didn't have time to swatch that stuff yesterday.  So, you get lip stuff first.

The Company:  Andrea is super awesome and sweet!  Go follow her on Twitter!  (And me, for that matter.)

Shipping:  Super quick!  My order, with custom eyeshadow, shipped the next day!  Hooray! :D  The only thing was that some of my shadows were escaping from their jars.  :[  I think next time I will ask for sifters if she has them available.

Prices:  Holy canolies?!  REALLY?!  That was my reaction when I saw her prices.  I bought one Large Gift set and one Mini Set for, I think $22.  Two lipsticks, four lipglosses, five shadows.  Glosses are $3.50, lipsticks are $4.75, and shadows are $3.50, and all are pretty gosh ding dang amazing!!   Here is the link again: Evil Shades.  She does have blushes which I will probably order samples of next time I order.

The Products:

Lip Glosses:  

  • Cushiony
  • These may or may not be sticky to some people.  I don't usually have a problem with stickiness since my hair tends to be short and I don't get hair on my lips very often.
  • Very high gloss!  Love it.
  • Moisturizing
  • Smell is fantastic!!  Yum!
  • I am so/so on the jar.  I kind of like it because these are the kind of glosses/lip products I can see actually wanting to use a brush with, espcially the color "Deadly."

Lethal Kiss - "Peachy Shimmer" (from 
To me, this is a pinky, peachy color that doesn't amp up the color of my lips the way Guilty as Sin does.  I really like it as an everyday gloss.  The shimmer is subtle but it also has silver sparkles in it, which is a cute added touch!  You can kind of see them on the edges of my lips.

Guilty as Sin - "Pink/Fuschia with glass fleck" (from
This is pink.  Awesome sparkly, shimmery fuschia-y pink.  I really like the way it pinks up my lips and seems to me to have a little blue reflectiveness to it, in the shimmer.  I see myself wearing this one for sure.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bead Sale?!!? 20% off!?!?!

Oh my.  Darlings.  Do you like beads?  Of course you do.  

Check out Licia Beads Vault on Etsy for 20% off your purchase of two or more listings!!  She will refund the difference, or you can email her for a revised invoice.  My top picks are:

4 Green Gold 6-7mm onion faceted briolettes:
photo by LiciaBeadsVault

photo by LiciaBeadsVault

photo by LiciaBeadsVault

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Make-Ups

So... I went on a spending spree.  I have TONS of make-up from many companies, most recent of which is from Evil Shades.  I'm excited to swatch the glosses I got, and the custom eyeshadow, too!!  I can't promise anything, but if tomorrow is sunny, I may have time between filling orders to do swatches.

I also have a TOOOON of swatches to do for Morgana Minerals.  I know everybody has swatches of Morgana Minerals, but I like to do my own, just like everyone else.

I've bought every Aromaleigh lippie that I felt I needed, which was way more than I actually NEEDED, plus some awesome eyeshadows, (duh!).  I bought a sample set of the newest Limited Edition collection Victoria's Revenge, so look forward to that action.  Here is a quick teaser of the look I will be posting tomorrow, using colors from Victoria's Revenge.

So, if you're excited about that, then stay tuned in tomorrow for The Look!  

Oooh also, here is a picture of a new ring I made.  It is ssooooo cute, and for sale in my Etsy Shop, too!

<3 Carolyn