Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Make-Ups

So... I went on a spending spree.  I have TONS of make-up from many companies, most recent of which is from Evil Shades.  I'm excited to swatch the glosses I got, and the custom eyeshadow, too!!  I can't promise anything, but if tomorrow is sunny, I may have time between filling orders to do swatches.

I also have a TOOOON of swatches to do for Morgana Minerals.  I know everybody has swatches of Morgana Minerals, but I like to do my own, just like everyone else.

I've bought every Aromaleigh lippie that I felt I needed, which was way more than I actually NEEDED, plus some awesome eyeshadows, (duh!).  I bought a sample set of the newest Limited Edition collection Victoria's Revenge, so look forward to that action.  Here is a quick teaser of the look I will be posting tomorrow, using colors from Victoria's Revenge.

So, if you're excited about that, then stay tuned in tomorrow for The Look!  

Oooh also, here is a picture of a new ring I made.  It is ssooooo cute, and for sale in my Etsy Shop, too!

<3 Carolyn