Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things That Have Happened

Soooo.... I don't know if you noticed, but I've been gone for a while from blogging.  

Things That Have Happened:

1)  Lost jobs, now unemployed.  (Sad face!)

2)  Learned how to knit, obsessed with knitting and fiber.  (Happy face!)

3)  VACATION! OMG I WENT ON VACATION!  See photos of beachtasticness at the end.

4)  Finally got my studio space into it's space.  Whew!

5)  Having weekly sales on my Etsy page in order to pay bills and feed myself.  (15% off Oct 1 thru Oct 3rd)

6)  Watched Dead Like Me (Seasons 1& 2), Doctor Who (Season 1) annnddd lots of others.  

Wanna see some pics?  Of course you do, you magpie.


Oh, this isn't jewelry, but it is mendhi.  Prettyyyyy!





Big Pirate, Little Ship


More Seal Rock!
Seal Rock
Bridge into Newport, OR