Saturday, October 23, 2010

Second Day on the Job EOTD


My second day working at the Spirit Halloween Store was today and I felt the need to do a yellow-purple-blue look.  

Sorry, no full face shots!  I wore Rocks! Candy-o on my cheeks and the discontinued and unavailable Rocks! shesaknockout lippie.  It looked really good and lasted a while!  

Aromaleigh products in the following shades with (my color descriptions in brackets):
Inner Corner/lid:  L'Orchidee Collection - Bumblebee (a sweet, light golden yellow)
Lid:  Victoria's Revenge - Mourning's Whimsy (beautiful blue based medium-dark purple with blue sparkles/interference)
Crease:  Les Papillons - Flutura's Cloud - "A brilliant blue of exceptional vibrancy and depth. Metallic heart with intense blue frost and sparks of blue, red and gold. This shade was inspired by the amazing color of the Blue Morpho Butterfly." from (deep blue with darling sparkles.)
Highlight and blending: Rocks! WhiteWedding

Click for bigger ones!

Plus!!  I bought a costume after I got off work!! I am fairly certain it was the last one, so I tried it on, loved it and bought it.  I will try to get home photos of me rocking it later.  Yay!  

What do you think of my eye color choices today?  I think I would have liked to have used Italian Ice from Hot in the City collection instead of Bumblee. 

Thoughts on my costume?


ManGlaze - Mayo - Matte White Nailpolish - Attempt #2

Hey there!

I posted on Twitter that I got my new polish in the mail from ManGlaze, Ink this week.  My order consisted of one bottle of matte white polish name Mayonaisse, or The Holy Crap!  :)

I am terribly and deeply in love with all the other products that ManGlaze has produced, most especially FuggenUgly, the original matte grey polish (although it has experienced a few formula changes since first appearance in the mid 2000's.)

Anywho.  My first impression of this polish was that it was a looooot stickier and thicker than other polished I have used in the past.  It is also NOT a "Wite-Out" type of white.  It has a delicate shimmer that is pretty much unnoticeable once the polish is dry, but while it is being applied, it is quite pretty!

Now, I am not the world's most amazing polish applying-person, so please forgive my shoddy work.  The day I got this polish, I was sitting at my computer, put it on my nails and after the first round I ruined it.

It does NOT dry completely for a while.  The outside will look dry, but it is not.  I do realize that this could be a problem with application on my part, too, so please bear with me.

(P.S.  If you want this polish and need some amazing tips, go to this blog post on  She has some really awesome tips and they did help this second time around.)

So, the rundown on Mayo:

  • Beautiful, clean white without being stark, yellow or chalky
  • Thick, need a steady, smart hand to apply without streaking.  Also many coats.
  • Takes a bit longer to dry than most other nail polishes.  Certainly NOT one of those polish-and-go polishes.
  • Awesome fantastic matte.  LOVE.
 I need to get a brush to clean up my cuticles, but for this I just used a small knitting needle to get in my cuticles since I kept getting the polish up under them.  Sheesh!!  Hopefully next time I do a mani I will take pics in the day time... And clean up my mess.  :P

How do you like this white??

Pics! Click for bigger ones!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mythos Look #1 - Blue and Green Gods and Goddesses

Inner lid:  Aromaleigh Mythos Demeter
Crease and outer lid: Aromaleigh Mythos Phoebe
Center of lid:  Aromaleigh Mythos Theia
Highlighter: Aromaleigh Mythos Rhea
Lower Lid: Aromaleigh Mythos Theia
Lashes:  Benefit Bad Gal Lash
Brows:  Urban Decay Brow Beaters Brunette

Face & Cheek
Aromaleigh Glissade 1PL+ Voile 00
Aromaleigh Metamorphosis Finishing Powder
Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Blush - Rococo

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre - Visual Kei

Today I wanted to use the new samples I bought from Aromaleigh, and my outfit was blue, black and green so I went with it.

I got lots of compliments on my make-up and also on my cowl that you can see in some of the pics.  It is blue.  Everyone thought it was super cute.  I knitted it myself! :D  Keeps my neck perfectly warm.