Friday, September 13, 2013

Isolation, or How to Become a Hermit

Isolation, for an artist, can be a blessing. Most people are extremely busy and therefore have trouble finding time alone, to make whatever it is that they make.

Lately, for me, isolation has been the letter of the day.
At first, my lack of a job was great! I made lots of jewelry, cleaned my house, did laundry whenever I wanted, and had a general good time.
For the last month or so, I've been stagnant. This is due to several factors, some of them being health related and some of them being self imposed. I'd like to say, at this point, that I doubt, highly, that anyone is reading my blog anymore, which is totally fine.
I am really just writing to get myself out of this weird isolationist period. I want nothing more than to sit, watch Netflix and knit, and perhaps look at cute pictures of pug puppies that I can't have.
See this cute jerk? Yeah. All. Day.
So. Basically, I stopped blogging her when I went to school because I had no time to blog since I was cranking out jewelry, ceramics and photography like nothing else.
Crapping snow, November through April.

So many tiny thrown clay vessels.

This sums up summer in Ellensburg.

Cute new outfits and different hair in 2011.
Now, I've been out of school for over a year and sometimes I wish I had stayed another year but I was young, eager, and engaged (no longer) so I wanted OUT. I guess that is why grad school exists.

( I will make a separate post of the works I finished while in school, sort of in order to get my brain working again. )

Now I look like this: 
Shaved (first) in Jan 2013, picture taken July 2013.

I'm loving my shaved head, I'm living in a lovely little house near Greenlake, and I have all the time in world to create, but feel held back. Mostly by myself, I realize. Though not having a torch big enough to anneal large pieces of metal is kinda crappy. Though, I guess I should move to smaller imagery? I got used to working LARGE in school because I could, and I guess this could be a good opportunity to work small, since I can't really work large with my current equipment. 

So, that's my brain dump. If you're reading this because you know me, feel free to post something encouraging, or even if you *don't* know me, that would be rad.