Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Unicorns Everywhere!

Unicorns!!! Hooray!

 Something took hold of me last weekend, and I had to make these adorable little unicorns. I mean fierce. Totally fierce unicorns. (They get kinda huffy if you call them adorable.) 

I draw them onto paper, glue the paper down to clean metal, cut them out with my saw. 

Like this: 

Tangent: My amazing friend Dana, proprietress of Urban Utopia Photography, is super fun, wonderful to get along with, and just all around fun. I had hired her for my wedding photography in September 2014 and also boudoir photos last year for Valentine's Day. Dana provides the most comforting, beautiful and relaxed environment for these shoots and is an absolute pleasure to work with. 
Oh look, we're adorable, and drink coffee!
One of our engagement photos.
 (C) Urban Utopia Photography

 Unicorns, woman!

 Right, unicorns!! These are sterling silver, except the pinback which it nickle. The clutch is stainless steel, and pulls open to release the nickle pinstem. It's about a half inch long, and will likely snag your nice silk, so try something with a heavy weft, denim or something you know you won't be taking it off of any time soon.

The "C(star)B" is my maker's mark (for now), the 16 refers to the year it was made, and .925 is the hallmark noting that it is indeed sterling silver, which must be at least 92.5% fine silver, with the remaining amount consisting of copper. Poor alloys will include other metals like tin, zinc or nickle, but mine come from recycled, certified alloyed in the USA sources, so they do NOT contain any of those nasty metals that most people are allergic to (mainly nickle).

I've applied a patina using liver of sulphur gel and used steel wool to remove it selectively. These are $86 each, please ask me about getting a pair of earrings made! These make great post earrings, too. 
Find me over on Instagram @handcraftedcaro for more pictures of different unicorn designs (plus gratuitous selfies)! I'm going to try to do photos this weekend. Hubby and I are babysitting the little sister this week, so no studio time this weekend! 

Don't forget that the entire WISHES section of the Etsy shop is 30% off for a limited time until February 6th! 
Enjoy!! <3 br="" nbsp="">

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wishes to Fulfill My Wishes

Hey there... Grab a cup of tea, maybe a cookie, or toast with that jam you made this summer... I have a little story to share with you.
I created the Wishes series after I found this adorable stamp, had to have it, and barely could afford it at the time. I bought it anyway. I reminded me of the wishes I would make as a kid. "I want a new puppy!" or "I wish I was better at running the mile!" Both things didn't happen, but I'm a believer in "Hope" as a tactic to motivate you to get done what must be done! Hope isn't always helpful, or useful.

Hope can hurt if you rely on it as your only source of anything. If you are only hoping you'll make better choices tomorrow, but not changing anything about your circumstances, then you're not really going after your dreams.

Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Dandelion Wishes Earrings on Kidney Wires
I'm talking about getting to bed earlier, so you can take a leisurely walk with your dog, instead of staying up late watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. Or arranging your outfits the night before instead of rushing around in the morning, all in an effort to give you more time during your day to do better.

My wish is to go to grad school, make a lot of really awesome art, and then become a jewelry teacher. I'm currently finishing up and sending out my materials for grad school applications to three schools all across the country. Each is different and special in their own way. Each can offer teaching assistantships, which are necessary to grow my experience as a teacher.

Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Dandelion Necklace 18"
I'm trying to fund my Wishes, and I'm asking for your help.
It takes a village, they say, and my success is your success.

Handcut Sterling Silver Dahlia Necklace 18, 20, or 22 Inches
I'm offering my Wishes line, which will include new pieces that I'm dreaming up right now (like a ring and bracelet), at 30% off, for a limited time only, from now until February 1, 2016 at 12 pm. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It really means a lot to me. Any support, even if you can't afford to buy something, is very much appreciated.