Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evil Shades Lippie Swatches

Well hello, lovers of make-up!!  

Today I have for your some swatches of lip products that I bought from Evil Shades.  (I bought them, they were not provided to me, except for Zicke which was a free sample.)

My order contained more than just lip stuffs, but I didn't have time to swatch that stuff yesterday.  So, you get lip stuff first.

The Company:  Andrea is super awesome and sweet!  Go follow her on Twitter!  (And me, for that matter.)

Shipping:  Super quick!  My order, with custom eyeshadow, shipped the next day!  Hooray! :D  The only thing was that some of my shadows were escaping from their jars.  :[  I think next time I will ask for sifters if she has them available.

Prices:  Holy canolies?!  REALLY?!  That was my reaction when I saw her prices.  I bought one Large Gift set and one Mini Set for, I think $22.  Two lipsticks, four lipglosses, five shadows.  Glosses are $3.50, lipsticks are $4.75, and shadows are $3.50, and all are pretty gosh ding dang amazing!!   Here is the link again: Evil Shades.  She does have blushes which I will probably order samples of next time I order.

The Products:

Lip Glosses:  

  • Cushiony
  • These may or may not be sticky to some people.  I don't usually have a problem with stickiness since my hair tends to be short and I don't get hair on my lips very often.
  • Very high gloss!  Love it.
  • Moisturizing
  • Smell is fantastic!!  Yum!
  • I am so/so on the jar.  I kind of like it because these are the kind of glosses/lip products I can see actually wanting to use a brush with, espcially the color "Deadly."

Lethal Kiss - "Peachy Shimmer" (from 
To me, this is a pinky, peachy color that doesn't amp up the color of my lips the way Guilty as Sin does.  I really like it as an everyday gloss.  The shimmer is subtle but it also has silver sparkles in it, which is a cute added touch!  You can kind of see them on the edges of my lips.

Guilty as Sin - "Pink/Fuschia with glass fleck" (from
This is pink.  Awesome sparkly, shimmery fuschia-y pink.  I really like the way it pinks up my lips and seems to me to have a little blue reflectiveness to it, in the shimmer.  I see myself wearing this one for sure.

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Deadly - Deep dark red with sparkle** Contains Carmine, not Vegan. (from

Deadly looks very unwearable inside the jar, however once I tried it, VERY LIGHTLY, with not a whole lot of product on my lip brush, it came out as the swatch below.  I'd like to do a more vampy type swatch, soon. Maybe with an FOTD.

My pictures are more purpley 

Lip Sticks:  

  • Moisturizing
  • Pigmented
  • Buildable (with blotting and reapplication)
  • Would look amazing with a lip gloss layered over the top
  • Price is fantastic: $4.75 for a lip-balm type container full
Zicke, which means "Bitch", is a very insteresting silverly lilac color.  It was fun to try on, definitely something I would wear as a statement or if I needed a metallic addition to another lipstick.

Evil Shades - Primrose Path  My favorite so far!  I applied this on naked lips, no balm or anything underneath.

Diabolical:  I had a hard time getting this one to photograph as red as I think it is, but it certainly is coppery.  I like it, but the pink is still my favorite so far.  Evil Shades has an orange lipstick I really want to try.  Ee!  I really like that it isn't a matte lipstick.  I personally don't like matte lipsticks a whole lot, only because they seem more drying, but these ones are not drying, but really have a great color pay-off.  

This shade is soooo hard to capture!!  Must try again.