Saturday, October 23, 2010

Second Day on the Job EOTD


My second day working at the Spirit Halloween Store was today and I felt the need to do a yellow-purple-blue look.  

Sorry, no full face shots!  I wore Rocks! Candy-o on my cheeks and the discontinued and unavailable Rocks! shesaknockout lippie.  It looked really good and lasted a while!  

Aromaleigh products in the following shades with (my color descriptions in brackets):
Inner Corner/lid:  L'Orchidee Collection - Bumblebee (a sweet, light golden yellow)
Lid:  Victoria's Revenge - Mourning's Whimsy (beautiful blue based medium-dark purple with blue sparkles/interference)
Crease:  Les Papillons - Flutura's Cloud - "A brilliant blue of exceptional vibrancy and depth. Metallic heart with intense blue frost and sparks of blue, red and gold. This shade was inspired by the amazing color of the Blue Morpho Butterfly." from (deep blue with darling sparkles.)
Highlight and blending: Rocks! WhiteWedding

Click for bigger ones!

Plus!!  I bought a costume after I got off work!! I am fairly certain it was the last one, so I tried it on, loved it and bought it.  I will try to get home photos of me rocking it later.  Yay!  

What do you think of my eye color choices today?  I think I would have liked to have used Italian Ice from Hot in the City collection instead of Bumblee. 

Thoughts on my costume?