Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Type Writer Key Ring - Steampunk Ring - Sterling Silver

Here is one of my latest creations!!  This is a vintage typewriter key, from an old typewriter.  This key is at LEAST 30 years old!

I set this key in a bezel, just like you would a stone cabochon, except instead of making sure the bezel goes above the shoulder of the cabochon, or in this case typewriter key, I made it go half-way up.  That is because this key is sloped upward, so it is wider at the bottom than the top.  The ring band is sterling silver, 18 gauge and fits about size 7.75.

Feel free to email me, or convo me in my Etsy shop to request this item and ask about price.  Thanks so much for looking.

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Upcoming stuff:   I will be doing a blog give-away of stuff I have extra of!!  Specifically some Aromaleigh make-up duplicates, and perhaps a pair of earrings!  :D  So, tell all your friends, and we will see who wins!