Saturday, January 30, 2010

FOYD: Aromaleigh Unicorn Orinoco Tigrilla Sabine

These pictures were taken about 12 hours after I did my make-up.  Wow!  I have recently learned how I was supposed to be using Fyrrinae Pixie Epoxy.  I didn't read it the first time, then was reading Phyrra's blog and learned to use it over another primer.  Silly me.  Anyway, here goes!  

Products Used for this Look:

Creme Eyesahdow from Aromaleigh in Bare Necessity
Fyrrinae Pixie Epoxy
Aromaleigh L'Orchidee 09 - Tigrilla
Aromaleigh L'Orchidee 09 - Unicorn
Aromaleigh L'Orchidee 09 - Orinoco
Aromaleigh Bete Noire - Sabine
Urban Decay Brow Beater in Brunette Bombshell
Urban Decay Lingerie and Galoshes Primer and Waterproofer (which I applied before these photos)
Benefit Bad Gal Lash in Black

Apply Orinoco on inner half of lid.
Apply Tigrilla on outer half of lid, blend with Orinoco where they meet.
Using a very small amount of Sabine on this brush (or one like it) swipe it along the crease.
I used the brush I applied Tigrilla with to blend it and soften it, since on me it is a pretty dark brown.  
Finally, using a fluffy brush, apply Unicorn at the edge of Sabine, and blend up.

My Reaction to Urban Decay:
Lingerie and Galoshes:
I had no idea that it was NOT mascara (I sometimes don't read the entire description of things...), so was surprised when I opened it and both sides were white.  
However, I first applied Lingerie on my naked lashes, let it dry a little, then swiped Benefit BadGal Lash over the top.  I let that dry, then did a second coat.  
I have to say that is does it's job!  My lashes tend to stick together (even with expensive mascara!) but the Lingerie really helped!!  I love it.  Then I finished it with Galoshes, to seal it up. 
BadGalLash usually feel sticky to me (after application) if I need to rub my eye or have a hair in my eyelashes, etc. but with Galoshes, it locks in the 'wetness' so my mascara does not come off if I brush my hand near my lashes.  

Brow Beater Brunette Bombshell:

I think this is not quite dark enough, but does fill in nicely the lighter parts of my brows, and with the other wax tip, will keep my brows under control.  I will still probably fill them a bit with a purple/plum eyeshadow over the top.

Let me know what you think, what I could do better, and of course, feel free to comment, compliment and/or suggest anything!  Thanks!